My name is Dennis Khalil, I am half Dutch and half Egyptian. I was born in Nijmegen and have been living in ’s-Hertogenbosch for over 30 years.

From an early age I began working with Legos then with computer animation, film, video and photography. Constantly driven by passion and fantasy, I discovered new and exciting shapes, colors and sentiments. I studied photography at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming , Tilburg.I took what I learned in art school as a springboard toward my own vision rather than being stuck to the rudimental confine- the standard. In 2006, I purchased my first digital camera and began to master a tool I thought had now been lost rather I rediscovered it with a new set of eyes.

I showed my first exhibition in a collaboration project with Gijs van Lith at RH Contemporary Gallery, New York.

In the following years I produced several collections and series ever evolving. Still using a digital camera as a starting point and always incorporating a rainbow in my works. I am producing more and diverse work. Everything is limited and also exploring new markets like the NFT market. I always start creating in the physical world. I then take the material into the digital world. I first was adamant in bringing it back to the physical world but now I’m experimenting with leaving some of them in the digital world. The NFT market is a perfect place for them to reside.

Time still remains an important tool in my toolbox but also the fascination with what it does to people, nature and objects. For me time brings me closer to the true essence of an object or subject. Together with my digital camera, time and imagination I am trying to create.

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