Many moments make an experience, just like many images together make an experience. When capturing flowers while they live and grow, I am always amazed and surprised. The course of life, so organic, unpredictable and exciting. When seen as a whole it really tells the story of the mystery of life. Which always has it own and unique way of telling.
When you take time and play it forward or backward it makes a lot of difference. Even if the images or experiences are the same the story changes. Just when looking at life, when looking forward or backward with the information a hand you can tell two different stories. This is what I want to show with the same information but the only thing that’s changes is time. I love to play with time it is such an elusive and subjective element that I can show a totally different picture with the same input.
The way tulips grow, move, live and die represents life for me, unpredictable. Trying to capture the full cycle is like capturing life. You will never know how life will turn out. Everything long decided and laid out. It is for us to discover and experience and not to interfere with or change.

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