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artproject making rainbows

343 x 555 cm, 2014 Gijs van Lith and Dennis Khalil

‘Making Rainbows’ expands far beyond the borders of the ‘traditional’ notion of painting.

This project is a collaboration between Dennis Khalil (artist) and Gijs van Lith (painter). It started out with their interest of capturing the whole creative process in one image. They thought it would be very interesting to have the beginning, all the mistakes, failures glitzes, successes and everything in-between represented in one image. After an extensive period of research and experimenting, they found a method of capturing the whole process in this one single image. Khalil documented with his camera (similar to making a stop-motion movie); Van Lith painting a canvas in all the colors of the color spectrum. Each second a picture was taken, that added-up to over 8000 photos. The wallpaper (which is its final form) is buildup over 8000 small pictures placed in a modernistic grid like a pattern.

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