Artist’s Statement

Time is truth, time is beauty


What does something or someone actually look like? How can you actually see something at a time when everything and everyone is fooling you? What is real? I am someone who places great value on authenticity, trying to be honest and sincere to myself but also to others. Ultimately, the truth always surfaces. The only factor that holds it back is time.


I explore possibilities to show people and objects for who or what they really are. With the help of time, photography and curiosity, I always investigate the best way to show reality. By playing with time or even by removing it from the image, I constantly discover new ways and perspectives. The means that I use for this are a camera and a computer. A nice symbiotic mix of traditional techniques and insights, with new digital methods.


Time causes an object or person to change. Time is determined, time is subjective, time is infinite, time motivates, time is a force, time is beauty. Time is truth, time is individuality.


Time creates, it takes away, it is my motivation, by running and standing still in life because I am grateful for the time I have. In an attempt to show my perception of time and reality. I hope to share the beauty of life as I experience it. Because it surrounds me, I breathe it in, see it and to capture it. So that I can share it and hopefully make more people grateful for what they have, see and experience. At a time when everyone is very self-centered and the I is very important.

A moment

It is important to show that time will give and take, this is the same for everyone. It must connect us. It must make us realize that there is no time for selfishness, just to be introverted, and grab what you can grab. As soon as time takes your life away, everything you will have done is worthless.

A life

Value is created by making good use of time, by sharing it with each other, making things timeless. By being real with each other, for each other and each other. Reality becomes the most powerful, the most beautiful, the most wonderful. Only then do we respect time and live in harmony with her.


Photography began during the era of analog and film, for me. The importance of capturing a moment during shooting and the element of chance whilst developing are what drive me to my creative style. With film, I had the surprise of developing something I didn’t expect, the image would respond back to me. I now approach digital photography as though it were film, which is a drastic shift. However, I manage to sustain the element of chance as with film- recreating the warmth, emotion and coincidence that film provides (me).

Dennis Khalil

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