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14 Days

14 Days artwork series

The perception of tulips in time. Its grace is always evolving and always different. The allure of visualizing the enduring of time, showing the awareness of time. Conscious of the ever-evolving beauty of nature. Nature in its most pure and naked form with the element of time as the key factor.

With this project I am trying to discover how a flower and in this case a tulip really looks. Thru photographing it for a period of 14 days and compiling these photographs. This way we may get a true look of a bouquet of tulips. I made a compilation still so you can see the true core of the tulips.

7 Edition +1 AP in three formats 80×60, 100×75 and 120×160

Now available for a limited time only at SuperGallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch!!! So go check it out!


I also made a progression video which acts as a sort of lava lamp showing the growth and decay of the flower, check it out on the 14Days in motion page. The videos are available as digital artworks. you can check them out on:

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