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Dennis Khalil is a talented Dutch and Egyptian artist whose creative expressions are centered around conceptual art photography. He is based in the picturesque city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in Holland and is known for his captivating and thought-provoking artworks. Drawing inspiration from photography, Dennis Khalil creates multilayered artworks that convey deep messages and tell unique stories. His solo works are a testament to his artistic prowess, while his collaborations with other artists showcase his ability to work seamlessly with others.

If you want to learn more about Dennis Khalil, his biography provides insights into his life and experiences that have shaped his artistic journey. Additionally, his artist statement delves deeper into his motivations and creative process, providing a glimpse into the mind of a visionary artist. To explore more of Dennis Khalil’s impressive portfolio, visit his WORK page where you will find a wide array of his artworks. If you have any inquiries or wish to contact him for collaborations or other purposes, his CONTACT page provides all the necessary information.

Dennis Khalil’s unique approach to conceptual art photography and his ability to blend various mediums makes him one of the most sought-after artists in his field. Experience his breathtaking artworks and let them transport you to a world of imagination and creativity.

Seeing consciously subconscious(Another 14 Days)

Discovering the profound connection between the consciousness and the subconscious mind. How do we communicate with a flower? What wavelengths are involved?Let’s explore. “We breathe each other in and out of existence.” – Monica Gagliano Series of 9 | Fine Art Print Hahnemuhle Hemp | 120×67,5CM | 3 edition + ap

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14 Days Conceptual Art Photography

Discover the ever-evolving beauty of nature with our tulip project. We photograph a bouquet of tulips every day for 14 days, creating a complete image of their life story. Limited edition of 7 plus 1 AP available.

For complete serie and story click HERE

14 Days Motion Versions: Capturing the Beauty of Tulips in Time

The 14 Days Motion Versions project captures the evolving beauty of tulips over time. By photographing a bouquet of tulips for 14 days and compiling the images, the project provides a unique look at the complete lifecycle of the flowers, from growth to decay. The resulting compilation video is available on YouTube and as an NFT on OpenSea.

For complete serie and story click HERE

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“ALL IS ONE & ONE IS ALL (AIO&OIA): Embracing the Mystery to Spark Thought and Connection

Discover the mystery behind the captivating artwork that captures and delays time, encouraging viewers to use their minds to unravel its secrets. In a world increasingly dominated by machines and automation, where ideas, time, and connections are scarce, this artwork encourages us to take time to connect with our own minds and with others. Through this peaceful and thought-provoking experience, we can cultivate the right values, thoughts, and actions, creating a virtuous circle of serenity. These unique artworks are limited to a single edition with an AP and measure 100cm x 100cm. By Dennis Khalil, 2021.”

For complete serie and story click HERE


“StillMoving” is a reminder that everything is always in a state of movement and stillness. Even when someone appears still, their body is constantly changing. This concept is reflected in nature, where even trees appear still but are always moving. By understanding this balance between opposites, we can find harmony in life.

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‘Making Rainbows’ is a unique collaboration between artists Dennis Khalil and Gijs van Lith, combining Conceptual Art Photography, painting, and wallpaper. Documenting the creative process with over 8000 pictures, the final result is a modernistic and colorful wallpaper. This project is a testament to the power of collaboration and experimentation in the creative process, inspiring artists to push boundaries.

For complete serie and story click HERE

EMOTIONS (P = 42 X E X 7) 

In the series “emotions (P = 42 x E x 7),” I explore the diversity of human emotions and how they contribute to our individuality and identity. Through mapping the seven core emotions, I aim to create a “total picture” of a person and showcase the subtle differences and similarities in their expressions. This series reflects the importance of personal expression and emotion in our society. The series consists of six lambda prints, each measuring 120×160 cm and available in three editions plus AP.

For complete serie and story click HERE

emotions (P = 42 x E x 7) MOTION (Sound on!)

In my series of works titled “emotions (P = 42 x E x 7) MOTION,” I delve into concepts of emotion, identity, individuality, and diversity. As a society, we place great importance on personal expression and the expression of emotion, which is reflected in my work. Through this series, I explore the seven core emotions, mapping them to create a complete picture of a person. By showcasing the diversity of emotions and faces, my work highlights the individuality of each person. I find the stacking of the same emotion fascinating, as it creates a new image and mask. This series is a reflection of our complex emotions and the different faces we put forward in different situations.

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I created these captivating and elegant shapes and colors while staying true to the photographic process. My goal was to develop an image that is visually appealing and pure, without digital modification. Although simple in design, this image presented a significant challenge in both creation and development.

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Eye Lace with Model: A Stunning Collaboration by Niels Kiene aka Salventius and Dennis Khalil in Conceptual Art Photography

The Eye Lace with Model is a stunning collaboration between artists Niels Kiene aka Salventius and Dennis Khalil. With intricate lace and a stunning model, this unique piece showcases the talent and passion of both artists. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or appreciate art, the Eye Lace with Model is a breathtaking choice that is sure to leave you in awe. Order yours today and experience the beauty of this stunning collaboration for yourself.

For complete serie and story click HERE

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