Dennis Khalil

Here is a quick overview of my work as a Dutch and Egyptian Artist making conceptual art photography based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch Holland. Using photography as a starting point i create multilayered, conceptual artworks with story. Below you can see my Solo work but also some collaboration work with other artists.   Please take look at my work.

Another 14 days
emotions (P = 42 x E x 7) Motion
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall Woman
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall Eye
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall Man
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall All
14 Days
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall Flower
Artseries: Allisone & Oneisall J
emotions (P = 42 x E x 7)
Making Rainbows printed version
Making Rainbows digital work
Eye Lace with model
Eye Lace mask only
RGB Digital versions
Het Wilgenstruweel Digital versions
Het Wilgenstruweel printed edition
StillMoving Digital version
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