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emotions (P = 42 x E x 7) Motion

With this series of works entitled: emotions (P = 42 x E x 7) I explore ideas about emotion, identity, individuality and diversity. My work simultaneously shows the diversity of emotions from person to person as the different emotions and faces, which each person is rich. Especially in a time that is characterized by a society that attaches great importance to identity and individuality and where there is a lot of space for personal expression and the expression of emotion.

In this series I question the 7 core emotions from person to person, I map these emotions in order to create a ‘total picture’ of a person. We have multiple faces as humans. We are not always happy or angry. And when we are happy, it is not always the same. Every expression of an emotion has many differences: when a person smiles ten times you see and feel the difference from smile to smile. I find the stacking of the same emotion interesting; both the subtle differences and the similarities. This field of tension creates a new image, a new mask.

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