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How can we truly see something or someone in a world that constantly deceives us? What is real? As an artist, I value authenticity and strive to be honest with myself and others. I believe that the truth always surfaces, but the only thing holding it back is time.


I explore ways to capture people and objects as they truly are. With the help of photography, time, and curiosity, I experiment with different techniques to reveal reality. By manipulating time, or even removing it from an image, I aim to offer new perspectives. My approach blends traditional and digital methods, creating a symbiotic mix of insights.


Time is a powerful force that shapes everything around us. It motivates change, brings beauty to our world, and shapes individuality. In my work, I aim to show the beauty of life as I experience it. Through my photography, I hope to inspire gratitude for what we have, and remind us that selfishness has no place in our lives.


Time is the foundation of our existence. It creates and takes away, and we must make good use of it to create value in our lives. By sharing our time with one another and creating timeless moments, we can live in harmony with the passing of time. In doing so, we can create something truly powerful and beautiful.


Time is a reminder that we must connect with each other and find ways to create meaningful experiences. We must not be selfish or self-centered, but rather work together to create something worthwhile. When time takes our lives away, all that matters is what we have done to make a positive impact on the world.


Photography has been a passion of mine since the days of analog and film. The element of chance and surprise during the development process is what drives me to create. Even in the digital age, I approach photography as if it were film, creating warmth and emotion that mirrors the unpredictability of the traditional medium.


Through my art, I hope to capture the essence of time and reality. By experimenting with different techniques and approaches, I aim to offer new perspectives on the world around us. Ultimately, I hope my work inspires gratitude, connection, and a renewed sense of purpose in our lives.

Artist's Statement

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Embark on a captivating journey of discovery by exploring my website. Delve deeper into my creative realm, where a treasure trove of my work, artist’s statement await your curiosity. Navigate through the pages to unravel the layers of my artistic expressions and delve into the intricacies of my Artist’s Statement.

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So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to journey into my creative universe. Your next inspiration could be just a click away. Explore my website and venture into my Artist’s Statement satiate your thirst for knowledge and inspiration.

Special thanks to Niels Kieni, aka Salventius for placing my words in the right order.

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