All is One & One is all

All is One & One is all (aio&oia)

‘’We shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘’mystery’’. A mystery is what propels us toward a question
and toward thought. A mystery is what keeps life from stagnating.’’ Mitch Horowitz
By showing multiple time frames in a single image, I am simultaneously capturing and delaying
time, creating a mystery that needs to be unraveled by the viewer. Such a conundrum urges us
to purposefully take time to not only see but actually comprehend what is being seen. The
viewer needs to think about it and therefore use what is most powerful to all: the mind.
The mind needs time and ideas to thrive. Everything we see around us is either created by or
perceived by our mind. It is the most powerful force on earth. In order to use our mind, we need
input, time and connection with others: ‘’just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds
need ideas in order to conceive’’ Napoleon Hill
I live in a place and time where ideas are scarce and everything is fast and automated.
Basically, all the thinking power comes from machines and algorithms, eliminating any need for
people to use their minds. This results in ever decreasing ideas, time and connections, which
leaves me feeling increasingly disconnected from myself and the people around me. This just
doesn’t feel right. I want to change that and create a peace of mind.
‘’Peace of mind produces right values: right values produce right thoughts. Right thoughts
produce right actions and right actions produce work which will be a material reflection for
others to see of the serenity of it all.’’ Robert M. Pirsig
I think we need more time and need to take more time to be alone with our mind and yet,
connect with other minds. By looking at my work, people need to use their mind, which in turn
necessitates them to connect with others. The peace of mind that results again gives impetus
for work like mine to come into being. Thus, giving rise to a virtuous circle of serenity.
All is One & One is All.

All works are edition of 1 with AP. 100 cm X 100 cm photo on plexiglass matt / anti-reflex

Dennis Khalil 2021

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