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Seeing consciously subconscious

(Another 14 Days)

The interplay between conscious and subconscious processing is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. As an artist, I have a unique opportunity to explore and engage with this complexity through my work.

Through my art, I communicate with the flowers I photograph, seeking to understand and appreciate their stories. I engage in a dialog with the tulips. The story they tell me is seen by constructing multiple images. We converse over a period of 14 days. Several times a day we meet and communicate with each other. This happens on multiple levels, conscious and subconscious. The connection we have together is expressed through a visual presentation.

“We breathe each other in and out of existence, one made by the exhalation of the other.”

Monica Gagliano

Ultimately, our art form allows us to see consciously and subconsciously, revealing the hidden beauty and complexity of the world around us and inviting others to explore and engage with it in their own unique way. And maybe, just maybe, I am not telling the story but the tulip is making me tell its story?

Series of 9 | Fine Art Print Hahnemuhle Hemp | 120×67,5CM | 3 edition + ap

Dennis Khalil 2023

🌟 Embark on a Mesmerizing Journey: “Seeing Consciously Subconscious (Another 14 Days): The Animation Versions” 🌼

🔍 Uncover the Profound Connection: Immerse yourself in the intricate dance between consciousness and the subconscious mind. How do we communicate with a flower? What unseen wavelengths are at play? Join me on this captivating expedition that pushes the boundaries of perception.

🎨 I’m Privileged to Dive Deep: As an artist, I plunge into the intriguing landscapes of perception and emotion. By engaging with subjects like flowers, I unveil their hidden narratives. Through enchanting animations, I create a compelling symphony with the very essence of a tulip.

Together, we Craft an Immersive Adventure: Our collaborative journey goes beyond visual aesthetics. It resonates with emotions, transcends dimensions, and ignites connections that linger.

“We Breathe Existence into Art.” – Monica Gagliano

Join Me on This Animated Odyssey: Let’s venture into conscious and subconscious realms through captivating animations! In the series Seeing consciously subconscious. 🌌 #ConsciousnessUnveiled #EmbracingTheSubconscious #FlowerCommunication #VisualStorytelling #ArtisticConnection #TranscendVisualAesthetics #EmotionalExperience

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